Greenbelt International CO.,LTD

About Us



Green belt is the one-stop-shop for products and services for pharmaceutical compounding in it offers high-quality raw materials, semi-manufacture, ready products, services and concepts that fulfill the specific and individual wishes of pharmacists, and the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary industry

Green belt structure is based on three principles:

  • Quality in raw materials and services

  • Respect for the pharmaceutical market

  • Constant development




Green belt provides solutions to the customer's problems. 
A good solution begins with listening carefully to what the customer, have to say. Our aim is to turn your wishes into actual products and services, quickly, proactively and flexibly. Customer-focused Thinking lies at the heart of our day-to-day operations and our business processes are geared accordingly. At Green belt, the customer comes first. This is reflected in our comprehensive product range, product information, useful aids and customer support.

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